What is Grid computing center?

GridComputingCenter is various sub-projects GridComputingCenter is a research project that uses volunteers to do research in various sub-projects. It will be used as place research platform for institutions and private persons. You can contribute to our research by running a free program on your computer. Current sub-projects:

  • Monkeys@Home
  • XMR (using BOINC for cryptocoins minning)

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I am 42 and work as CIO. I like scuba diving and my hobby is also philately.


Change for GoofyxGrid@Home
I have first result for my efforts for monkeys and goofyxGrid@home. Because at this moment there is no possibility to have one project with many cpu and many nci apps (this problem is reported on mailing-group and on github) I have to split my GG@H into two separated project:
1. http://cpu.goofyxgridathome.net
2. http://nci.goofyxgridathome.net

ad <- 1
Not only for monkeys ;)
I wolud like to start some virtualBox cpu application with Machine Learning, Neuytral Network (face and object recongnitions) etc.

ad <- 2
Users, teams, credits will be imported from GCC,
6 Sep 2017, 9:01:56 UTC · Discuss

XMR test app
As BU are no any more exists, we have prepared something special for some of you...

Now, you can mine XMR (Monero coins) using ATI cards on our pool, where one percent of mined coins will be sent for servers and infrastructure - rest of it is yours...

What we plan in furure?
1. More coins.
2. More platforms (Linux, CUDA support).
2. Mining for other BOINC projects - if any admin is interested in supporting it's project - just sent PM to me or Goofyx with project wallet address (we will confirm it on his project forum) then we will release app with HIS wallet address and the mined coins will be sent automatically send to his wallet.

Do you have any question? just send question here and we will answer asap (just keep in mind, that it is not easy to do everything as same time).

To mine for your wallet just add your XMR wallet address in your project preferences and enable test apps.

Our Foundation pool address:
Our XMR pool

12 Jun 2017, 21:54:14 UTC · Discuss

Big change in GoofyxGrid@Home
In next 1-2 weeks there will be a big change in GoofyxGrid@home because of merging with GCC (Grid Computing Center).
GoofyxGrid@home will finish acctual existens and will appear as sub-project in GCC.

More info soon...
12 Apr 2017, 9:04:51 UTC · Discuss

Server test and short WU
Because I rewrite almost every script and deamons on server I need to test it.
To be sure everythink works good I need to analyzed 500k to 1kk WU in every apps so I will generate WU with short time of proceecced.

So don't be affraid if WU time is reduced. WU will be ok and you get credits as always.
7 Jan 2017, 1:33:18 UTC · Discuss

New summary pages
I create some list result pages. You can access it from main page in "Result list pages" section or from sub-pages in "Result summary page" section.
That is first version on it. Feel free to watch it and comment it.

I am planning summary pages with sum word for every user, count every word ec
2 Jan 2017, 22:47:48 UTC · Discuss

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